Bulgaria - Cuisine You Must Not Miss!

When you are at Bulgaria, it is Bulgarian cuisine you must not miss! The cuisine here include lots of fresh vegetable which are either eaten stewed, raw or roasted in terra-cotta pots, with meat. Spices, garlic oil, and onions in large quantities are used in the making of Bulgarian cuisine. It is from Greece and Turkey that are neighboring countries that Bulgarian cuisine draws its strongest influences influenced. Baklava, sarmi a dish stuffed with leaves of the vine and moussaka are also made by the Bulgarians. Rakia which is schnapps or spirits made from grapes and salad are consumed while initiating the meal. There are a range of Bulgarian dishes that are traditionally made.

In the cuisine of many Middle East and the Balkan countries a particular appetizer called the Tursu is prepared which is nothing but vegetables in pickled form. Torshi is a traditional appetizer and the word is derived from Torsh a Persian word meaning sour. Different types of Tursu are present in the Bulgarian cuisine out of which the most popular ones are the country pickles "Selskaturshiya" and King's pickles the "Tsarskaturshiya". During the summer time a cold soup called Tarator is also prepared which is made from a combination of water, yoghurt, vegetable oil, cucumbers, dill, garlic and walnuts. Another popular tripe soup is the Shekembe Corba in which milk is used for binding and seasoned with garlic, chilli peppers and vinegar.

All over the Balkan area at the eating places, soups of different versions are commonly eaten. The national dish of Bulgaria is the Bob Chorba which is similar to bean soup made from carrots, dry beans, spearmint or djodgen, onions, chubritza and tomatoes. Meat, paprika and potatoes are also used in the making of this soup as well. As far as Bulgarian salads are concerned one of the most popular ones is Shopska which is made from white brine cheese of sirene, tomatoes, peppers that are roasted or raw or onion. First the vegetables are diced, salted and then olive oil or sunflower oil is used as part of a light dressing. Vinegar may be used occasionally for complementing the dressing.

bulgarian beans

It is from Shopi a regional soup from which the Shopska salad has derived its name. From parsley, roasted eggplants, lots of garlic and peppers a dish called Kyopulo is made. In Bulgaria's northern part a vegetable mixture that is traditionally prepared is the Lyutika a kind of chunky salad relished in summer. Chopped parsley may be added to basic lyutika which is made from a combination of vegetable oil, peppers, onions, tomatoes and garlic where all the ingredients are crushed with the help of a pestle in a mortar.

Moussaka is a main dish made traditionally with eggplant in the Middle East and the Balkan region and also well associated with Turkey and Greece. Another popular dish is made with hot peppers, beef, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, red peppers, eggplants, carrots and okra called the Gyuvetch. Sarma is also a favourite dish made from the minced meat of lamb, goat, pork, beef or veal, duck, goose in combination with spices, rice, onions, local herbs, salt, pepper and rolled in leaves that are large enough of cabbage, banana, and vine. Wines of different kinds are very popular like Mavrud, Khan Krum, Mastika and Zagorka. These are some of Bulgaria -cuisine you must not miss!